Feed Carts/ Farrier Carts/ Tack Boxes

Feed Cart

Feed Carts

Durable. Customizable. Designed to Last a Lifetime.

Available in three different sizes, at Wingard’s Custom Plastics, we tailor our Feed Carts to meet your needs. While we offer customizable cart colors and logos, our standard features are:

  • 200, 300, and 500 lb cart capacities (300 lb is our best seller).
  • A sturdy, aluminum frame
  • Hard rubber wheels
  • Gas cylinders for the lid
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Farrier Carts

Mobile Creations to Keep Your Horse on Its Feet

Sustainable and movable, our Farrier Carts are manufactured with a combination of long-lasting plastic and aluminum frames. Made for any farrier, here are our three different cart styles:

  1. Pistol Grip Cart - heavy-duty 3” casters, nailboxes with sliding lids
  2. Vertical Cart - heavy-duty 3” casters, nailboxes with sliding lids
  3. Deluxe Cart with Base - heavy-duty 3” casters, nailboxes with sliding lids
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Farrier Cart
Tack Box

Tack Boxes

An Innovative Solution for Equipment & Saddlery

Similar to our Feed Carts, we construct our Tack Boxes with a solid aluminum frame. With a framework you can depend on, our Wingard Tack Boxes also come with:

  • Halter hooks
  • Hideaway handles
  • Gas cylinders for the lid
  • The mobility of a wheelbarrow
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Deluxe Harness & Tack Box

The All-inclusive Take on Our Standard Tack Box

A comprehensive version of our standard model, this Deluxe Harness & Tack Box combines practicality and ample storage for all your horse equipment. This design contains:

  • Harness and bridle hooks
  • A collapsible shelf and gas cylinders for the lid
  • A full-extension drawer
  • A 44” x 24” x 24” base
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Deluxe Harness Tack Box

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What Our Customers Say

Review Curly Line
"...they have been ice-free through temps in the teens. Didn't have to train any horses to drink from them like other auto waterers I considered."
Therese S.
"We have 7 geo stars for our Equine facility. The dependability of the unit with no breakdowns is stellar! We use them all winter through the worst of weather. In addition, the customer service we receive is fantastic."
Ryan E.
"Great product have had zero problems with it. I also have a water tank to catch my rain water and when that is full they still go over to my Geo Star for their fresh cool water."
Loren M.