About Us

Wingard's Custom Plastics is a custom plastic fabrication company located in Shipshewana, Indiana. We began in 2009 creating plastic products generally for the Amish community, making lives easier with useful agricultural products that are high-quality, custom, and cost effective. Since then, we have expanded into a full range of products made from plastics, poly plastics, aluminum and more.

Why We Do It

In the agricultural industry and even throughout your home or business it can sometimes be hard to find products that fit your exact needs and specifications. Your situation is unique, and you need solutions that keep that in mind. Wingard's Custom Plastics is here to fix that; you don't have to settle for a solution that only partially works - we custom tailor our products to work for YOU.

Our Products

Our standard products include both products we manufacture, and trusted products we sell as a distributor.  We provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional designs without jeopardizing the quality. We strive to bring convenience and comfort for our customers by offering products that are durable, functional, and beautifully designed. Browse our product categories to find out what we can do to make your life easier.

Made for You

Our products come with a variety of customization options including size, color, and more - so you can have it how YOU want it.


Made with Pride

We care about our customers and want them to receive the best product with great customer service. That is why we offer product guarantees, deliveries, and installations.


Made to Last

Using durable materials such as high quality plastics, poly plastics, aluminum and more. These products are built to survive whatever you have in store for them.


Tailored To Each Customer's Needs

We know that every customer is unique and has different needs for different products. That is why we offer custom capabilities for all of our products! Contact us to find out how to customize your order.