About Our Products

At Wingard’s Custom Plastics, we design products with our customers and their animals in mind. Our goal is to provide long-lasting, high-quality supplies so our buyers don’t have to worry about the stress of making replacements.

Environmentally friendly and durable, we manufacture each item with plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel to minimize weathering and rust.

We aspire to provide customers with what they need and want, which is why we offer customizable color and logo options. No matter what you need, our product line is built for your convenience and made to last a lifetime.

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About Our History

Driven by community requests for equine products, Wingard’s Custom Plastics established its first product line in 2009. Since then, this family-owned and operated business began equipping horse owners with the energy-free solutions they needed.

Based close to home in Shipshewana, Indiana, Milan Wingard and his eight employees continue to supply innovative solutions for customers and their horses today.

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What Our Customers Say

Review Curly Line
"...they have been ice-free through temps in the teens. Didn't have to train any horses to drink from them like other auto waterers I considered."
Therese S.
"We have 7 geo stars for our Equine facility. The dependability of the unit with no breakdowns is stellar! We use them all winter through the worst of weather. In addition, the customer service we receive is fantastic."
Ryan E.
"Great product have had zero problems with it. I also have a water tank to catch my rain water and when that is full they still go over to my Geo Star for their fresh cool water."
Loren M.