Our Products

We offer a wide range of custom plastic products as well as aluminum and poly products that are custom tailored to your specific wants and needs. From agricultural and commercial items to pieces for your home, Wingard's Custom Plastics is here to provide you with a practical, functional solution that works for YOU.

Bench Wagon Boxes

For Your Home

Feed Carts

Farrier Carts & Tack Boxes

Indoor/Outdoor Waterers

Why Choose Plastic?

Over the years, plastic has become an essential material for organizations working throughout a wide spectrum of industries. Companies turned away from costly wood and metallic parts in favor of plastic components. Not only does plastic typically offer longer wear and top performance without lubrication, it's ability to be molded, colored, and textured to to fit virtually any look desired. Customers have unlimited options to match their design space whether you're looking for livestock feeding and watering solutions or new windows, doors, or cabinetry for your home - Wingard's Custom Plastics has you covered.

Tailored To Each Customer's Needs

We know that every customer is unique and has different needs for different products. That is why we offer custom capabilities for all of our products! Contact us to find out how to customize your order.